Black Ladies Bag Sim Fit

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Cotton, Wool


Length: 12.8 Feet; Width: 2.7 Feet

Welcome to decolifeturkishrug

Thank you for your interested And Purchased From My Collection.

FREE SHIPPING vintage herki rug turkish rug runner rug hallway rug 2.7 x 12.8 ft decorative rug wool rug boho decor rug bohemian rug DC4257

Size : 2.7 x 12.8 ft ( 83 x 391 cm )

Origin : Turkey and middle east

Type : Hand woven rug, vintage rug, turkish rug, aztec rug, area rug, runner rug, bohemian rug, boho rug, tribal rug, aztec rug, carpet, natural wool rug,
decorative rug, anatolian rug, rustic rug, nomadic rug, capadocian rug, kilim rug, oushak rug, floor rug, wool rug, antique rug, handmade rug,
vegetable dyed rug, oriental rug

Material : Organic Wool

Condation: Clean and ready to use

Photos : taken under daylight

Can Use : as livingroom rug, kitchen rug, bathroom rug, bedroom rug, hallway rug, office rug, patio rug, terrace rug, office rug, table runner, dinning room rug,
saloon rug, doormat rug, entrance rug, baby room rug

Shipping : Free shipping to all over the world in 3-4 businnes days.

Refund : Without any Reason Refund Acceptable

Payment :Accepted By PAY PAL and credit card

Hi !

As all of my rugs this rug is also vintage and old.I collect them from the villages close to mine.Till 40 years ago,young girls weaved their dowry rugs themselves.They weaved the rugs from the wool produced from their lifestock.Then,they boiled the wool with vegetable according to color they want to dye.They also draw the paterns according to their feeling like happiness,sadness,hopes,yearning and plans.So every rug has its own composition and unique.

Being owner of a vintage Turkish rug is a privilege.

Best regards

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Boyutlar 33 × 36 cm


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