Handmade Turkish Rug (free shipping)

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I collected vintage rugs all of the Anatolia.

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Hi Welcome to Turkish rug empire

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I collected vintage rugs all of the Anatolia.
They are belong to too many culture, and they are very old age,
but most of the vintage rugs have long pile and some of them have tears, can’t visible pattern,
I tought that I can design these vintage rugs according to modern life,
It belongs to ancient time, and after I designed, it is belongs to present.

I cut its long and dirty pile with special machine, it has been short pile and clean, The patterns have been more visible,

After I croped vintage rug’s long pile, I put the cropped rugs in the pool with hot water,to make them over dyed.

İtem İnformations

Cm : 210 x 303 Feet: 6.9 x 9.9

Condition; Excellent

Shipping/Delivery Time / Free Shipping to worldwide, Delivery time max. 3 days.

Payment Method / By Pay Pal

Thank you for visiting Vintage Area Rug Store,
I want to share my opinion with Etsy family, I hope this makes you happy.

Please don’t hesitate if you have any question in your mind.

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