How to use Eggplant Purple in decoration. In this content, we will talk about the tricks of this topic. Eggplant Purple is one of the warm colors that find itself between purple and black in the color scale and is in the dark range of purple. This color, which is a symbol of nobility and elegance, should be used carefully in your homes, otherwise it can be stifling.

This color, which we can recommend to those who want to feel special in their living spaces, is a color tone that can make people feel nobility. We can say that you do not have a chance to be successful when you combine this shade, which can be easily applied to every corner of the house, with the right colors and use it in your dose.

In Which Room Is Eggplant Purple Used?

Eggplant purple is a sweet color tone that can be preferred in living room, living room, bedroom, entrance, hall or even in kitchens. For example, if you have upholstered furniture in light colors such as bone color, powder tones, cream, ecru, white, off-white, golden tones, you can make this ordinary house visual beautiful with the eggplant purple.

You can use eggplant purple in your home without tiring, especially if your flooring and furniture are in intermediate tones. Of course one by one in a house; carpets, walls, curtains or armchairs can be eggplant color. But only one or two of these should be in this color, so that your home does not turn into a stifling place, because eggplant is also one of the heavy colors.

In order for your house not to look dark, you should definitely combine the eggplant purple color with light colors. You should pay attention to this, especially if the room you are going to furnish is r. If you do not take care of this, it will look even narrower than your home.

Eggplant Purple on the Walls

When you use eggplant purple on the walls, you can use the lightest shades of eggplant purple in a large space. But in an average hall, only a light color should be used on 3 walls and only eggplant purple shades should be included in the focus. You can also combine a purple minority wallpaper with a purple minority and a purple color on the main wall.

On the other hand, if the seats are light, you can place cushions and pillows in aubergine purple tones. You can also place the eggplant purple color in accessories, trinkets and ornaments. For example, you can elegantly place eggplant purple thick curtains in the living room curtain or bedroom. Also in the bedroom, you can include bedding – bedding as a variety of bedspreads – purple, gray, purple.

Eggplant Purple in Psychology

Experts mention that eggplant purple negatively affects psychology and subconscious when used extensively in living spaces.

Because, according to belief, purple tones can trigger feelings of sadness and activate their feelings for depression. Again, eggplant purple is not recommended in baby rooms.

Purple Color in History
 Eggplant purple is a color frequently used by Phoenicians in antiquity, especially it was preferred in the field of trade. Besides, it is a frequently used color in the room of state administrators in the Roman empire. For, purple color always represented richness, grandeur and grandiose in history. Due to its heavy and rich appearance, purple color, which was not preferred in modern furniture before, is now among the indispensable colors in its modern decoration with its combinations in different tones.

Is it Main Color or Auxiliary Color?

Before using purple color in your homes, you should definitely decide what theme to create. For example, you should determine whether the purple in your living space will be the main color or the intermediate color.

Purple color is a good complement to stunning. But if purple is going to be the basic color for you, you shouldn’t stay constant in a single tone, you should combine different shades of purple to create spacious environments. The color combination that suits best in this regard; white – purple mix. Other colors that are most compatible with purple are; yellow, pink, golden color, gray, black, white, beige tones. In this content, we talked about the use of Eggplant Purple in Decoration.

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